The work (or not)

I was so proud of myself for all the writing I did on Sunday! I felt so productive! Then I did some research, and some free writing and made some progress and then… Got a cold. And then started my “meat and chocolate diet”. I plowed ahead even though my head wasn’t in it. And I had a few Eureka moments yesterday. At least I thought I did.

What was it Hemingway said? Was it “write on Nyquil, edit on Dayquil”? No, it wasn’t that at all. I know that now. I think I have to give it some space before I can decide if ravens, milk glass candy jars, thimbles and a Pushing Daisies kind of vibe are fully needed in my screenplay.

So I’m gonna take a day. Watch my new favorite movie, Mr. Right, that I’ve watched 5 times this month. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it weird? Yes. Is it romantic and violent? Hell yes. And I love it. How can you go wrong with Sam Rockwell as a dancing brain damaged assassin and Anna Kendrick as (per usual) my favorite person on the planet.

That and a bath and a dr. pepper sound like a pretty okay substitute for creative outletting on a day as brain fogged and post nasaly drippy as today. Fun times, kids.


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