Running a marathon in bed

I’m having a shitty health day. 

I slept from 10pm to 2pm. I’m still tired. 

When I woke up, I tried to stretch my legs. Still laying down, just moved my legs, and my heart rate jumped to 120.

Fuck. I knew right then nothing is getting done today. 

For days like today, I keep bottles of water and granola bars by my bed. I get up to go to the bathroom and then I go right back to bed. Laying down. Sitting up makes my heart work too hard. 

When I stand to go to the bathroom, it’s 50/50 I’ll pass out because my heart rate jumps to somewhere around 160 and my blood pressure plummets. So I stand slowly, leaning over on the bed for at least a minute so my heart and blood pressure can even out a little. Just enough so I don’t pass out and get another concussion. The whole thing is exhausting.

Just sitting/standing up can feel like I’ve run a marathon. 

Just writing this has triggered a headache. So I’m having a sick day today.  


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