Feed your head

Listening to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. 

It gives me fucking goosebumps. I love it. 

And though it’s not what the song is about, it made me think more about what’s become my theme for the week.

Which is what I’m doing writing a blog and whether and where I will get inspiration to write. 

I wrote a post about it the other day, the rush of creativity I get and the emptiness that comes when it’s spent. 

When that emptiness occurs, I “feed my head”. 

I listen to music, most recently music made before I was even born. Music of the 70s.

I watch television, most recently The Flash and Arrow. But also Bob Ross and The Great British Bake off when I need to lower my stress and anxiety. Just yesterday I finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with my daughter. 

I read. I finished The Handmaid’s Tale last week. I read my Facebook page til I can’t stand it anymore. I read the Washington Post to catch up on all that is wrong in the world. And I read my fellow WordPress bloggers. 

At some point when I’m filled with all the words I’ve heard and read and I turn them into the fuel for my own story. 

Much of the time I’m doing these things, I have a voice in my head (very literally my patriarchy as it is my father’s scolding voice that I hear) telling me I should be writing because it is my lifeline and my only hope. 

But I need this input, this inspiration. I need to feed my head and my heart, so I have the words to say what I need to. 


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