April Self-Care

My self – care looks like

Writing for my blog. Sometimes it feels self-indulgent but today it was therapeutic .

Cannoli and coffee for breakfast. 

Reading an essay that helped calmed me down, and listening to a voice that soothed me, after having a panic attack.

Poking a new hole in my body. I pierced my own ear even though it was scary.

Being honest at therapy and bringing up topics I’d avoided before. And carrot cake.

Trimming the sides of my hair and recoloring my mohawk.

Today was watching the first episode of Prison Break Season 5, not once but twice.

Today was just taking it easy, trying not to make my pain any worse.

Today my self-care looked like realizing that my self-care has been more like self pampering recently and deciding to refocus on my health and wellness. My secondary self-care was rocking out in my car with my daughter to one of my all time favorite songs Crazy on You by Heart, with absolutely no shame.

Today it was eating more chocolate cookies than I should have and not even caring.

Yesterday my self – care looked like watching The Godfather by myself in the middle of the day with popcorn.


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