Not what I wanted to hear with my coffee

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed again. It’s been too hot to sleep here until about midnight so I’ve stayed up much later than I usually do for about the last week. I need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep a night to be a semi functional human being the next day and I haven’t been getting that most days. I’ve been sleeping in longer than I should but I’ve been trying my best.

I slept way too long today. I didn’t get up until almost 11 and even that was very hard. I’m pretty sure I’m in the extended beginning of a bad episode that is going to get worse in the next few days. I always feel them coming. Like when you see and smell and feel a storm coming.

Today I was trying at least a little not to be a hell beast but my husband started talking to me. I tried to get it across to him that this was not the brightest of ideas but instead he started to talk to me about THINGS HE SHOULDN”T TALK TO ME ABOUT EVER especially not first thing in the morning when I’m dog tired and trying to be a civilized human being.

My cynical, pessimistic husband was telling me that I was wrong to resent the amount of money that we pay my in laws for rent (utilities and groceries) and that I need to look on the bright side and appreciate that it really isn’t that much for rent.

The reasons that this is something he shouldn’t say to me is firstly no matter how many times I explain it to him, he’ll never understand it’s not the money we pay them, it’s how that money is spent that bothers me. [for brevity and clarifications sake, my mother in law is a hoarder and spends a ridiculous amount of money on food that ends up in the garbage. She stocks a pantry she never uses and it keeps getting bigger and bigger until it expires and she is made to throw it away]

Secondly because I am the fucking queen of silver linings! I am the one who always looks on the bright side and tries to find the good in everything. And in the last several years of our increasingly difficult marriage he has failed to see good in anything. He is always negative, always hopeless, always seeing only what’s wrong.

I will interrupt myself by saying that maybe he’s turned over another leaf. Maybe he’s decided to change and try to see the good in things. I hope so, I will continue to hope so, but I know better.

Thirdly because the way he says these things. It’s not “hey, maybe you should try to find the good” it’s “you’ve been a terrible person lately and you don’t ever do anything and you should be as enlightened and as appreciative as me that we only have to pay blahblah amount for rent because living anywhere else would be more expensive.”

Needless to say, I did not handle this well. I got mad. I didn’t yell, I don’t really do that. But I got snippy and huffy.

He then told me that I’m terrible to be around and asked if I’d talked to my therapist lately about why I’m angry all the time. I told him I KNOW why I’m angry all the time. It’s because I hate living here with every single ounce of my being and I don’t have anymore “looking on the positive side” when it comes to this situation because I used it all up over the last 3 years.

I do know that I’m being ungrateful. I do. My in laws do a lot for us and there is some question as to whether we’re going to be able to function on our own when we move out. (That question is also the answer as to why I’m not looking for a smaller place on my own instead of a larger apartment for all four of us. I’m sick, he’s sick and we have two kids to take care of. They need us both because neither of us could do it by ourselves so he’s my co caregiver. And I’m stuck okay with that for the time being.)

But I can’t be grateful anymore. I told him that.

Being grateful keeps me here. Taking the happy pills that keep me complacently numb instead of angry keeps me here.

If I’m not mad we’re never getting out of this fucking house, my daughter will never get into a better school  and I’m going to die here and be buried under my mother in laws mountain of expired canned food items in the basement. That we paid for.

Fuck. That. Shit.


I’m back!

I was only gone for 2 days, you probably didn’t notice but boy, I did.

It’s because I couldn’t see for 2 days and being able to see is an important part of reading and writing (as I haven’t acquired the skill of reading brail). And living, as I’m currently accustomed.

I woke up yesterday at 4:30 am in searing and literally blinding pain. My eyes were swollen and what felt like, on fire.

I’m not very liberal with my “number your pain” scale. I’m quite judicious about not using those higher numbers unless necessary. But this was a solid 9. It was a toe curling, can’t hold still, clutching your head between your hands 9.

I went to the Emergency Department. Luckily since it was Independence Day, my inlaws were home to care for the kiddos.  Unluckily, my crying woke them up and as they’ve never seen me cry like that before, they might be slightly traumatized now.

As I was sitting on the ER bed rocking back and forth, trying to keep from scratching my own eyeballs out, the doctor went into the wrong room so I had to wait an extra 30 mins. In horrific pain. In my eyeballs.

They gave me eye numbing medication finally but I couldn’t take them home with me. They gave me other drops to help me heal and they gave me a narcotic so I could sleep and keep my eyeballs in my head.

That’s all I did yesterday. Cry and sleep and not see anything.

Today I can open my eyes without stabbing pain so I’m following up with a different doctor.

I’m sitting in an eye exam chair and they keep asking me which is better 1 or 2. These questions stress me out. What if I pick the wrong answer? What if they know it should really be the other one and know I’m panic answering and my eyes will be screwed up forever?

So they said I could have just really scratched my eye and that’s it. They also said since I woke up out of the blue like this it could be this thing where your own eyelid scrapes off the top layer of cells from the front of your eye. He said it can happen regularly to some people.

I won’t know if I’m a newly minted member of that unlucky group until it happens again.

Please let me be lucky this time. I never want to have self-inflicted-eye-gouge inducing pain again.

On and off again 

Saturday I sacrificed my energy, my creativity and my pain free day on the alter of good mom-hood. I took my kids to the pool. Which involved me staying 2 feet from my 3 year old and 5 feet from my 8 year old at all times. It was far more exhausting than I expected. I spent the rest of the day watching mindless TV, too tired to even fidget. 

The last two days have been an odd mix of brain dead and inspired. At dinner last night I stumbled over my words and my sentences were word salad but I wrote a brilliant scene for my screenplay immediately after. I wrote the above paragraph and then spent 5 minutes staring dazedly at the screen, my mind a complete blank. 

I feel like my mind is a dryer, in the cycle where it keeps clothes from getting wrinkled. It spins with brilliant activity and creativity and then suddenly, randomly and without warning, everything stops and is still and lifeless. 

Essay – Acquired Shyness

I am an introvert, of that I am absolutely certain.

Solitude is absolutely necessary for my survival. I need physical separation from all living humans beings just to keep my sanity. that is what an introvert is.

The thing is while I have always been an introvert, I haven’t always been shy. I didn’t always suffer from the desire to be invisible. That part of my personality was acquired.

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Oh balls – a sequel

Is petty a thing I want to be on my blog?

I opened this new post to complain that while I was in the shower, my husband, who has taken on some of the mantle of cook, decided to make fried blackened meat discs. The smell was terrible.

What he was attempting, was meatballs. This is important because out of all the foods I love and all the of the cooking I’ve done, meatballs are the only food item I’ve cared enough to blog about.

There are so many things apparently wrong (to me) with this situation. Why would he massacre something so precious to me? Why wouldn’t he ask someone who knows how to make and practically worships at the alter of meatball, how to make them? Why wouldn’t he just save the meatball making for someone who knows how to do it already? Why would he fry meatballs?

There are so many questions that ran through my head while composing the blog that was supposed to go in the place of this one.

But instead of writing that one, the petty complaining one, I’m writing this one.

He went out of his way to make a food he knows I love. He took time out of his day to look up how to make meatballs. He sallied forth in his attempt despite the prospect of failure, and continued in the very face of it.

I think when people say “Choose to be happy”, what they really mean is “Choose to see the good”. And sometimes doing that is impossible. It’s easy to find dysfunction, ignorance and evil in the world. But some times those things have silver linings. I try to see the silver linings because it gives me less to be angry about. And I’m happier for it.

I’m still not gonna eat those meatballs though.