Who I Am & Why I’m Here

Who am I?

I have been a mormon, an atheist, an Air Force Brat, a civilian, a Republican, a Democrat, a conservative, a socialist. I’ve been shy, outgoing, fat, skinny, passive, aggressive, abused, supported.  I have been a nerd, I have been a cool kid. I have been abstinent and promiscuous, beautiful, ugly,  I have been healthy, sick, smart, dull, manic, depressed, humble, grandiose. I have been right and I have been wrong. 

I have been all these things. But I AM none of them. In short, I am so far like everyone else, yet so far removed, that I am everything and nothing. I am the sum of my individual parts, yet I am infinite. I am not defined by the labels attributed to me, I am me, the most complex and simple thing I can be. Every moment we are our own new universe of possibilities and our choices and experiences create the intricacies of who we are and what we do.

Why am I here?

I feel at times like an extraordinary creature, with original and important opinions, unique history and singular perspective. I imagine that everyone feels this way at times. As children, we believed that our self was the center of the universe. I think most of us don’t outgrow that idea as well as we should.

I’m interested in the differences. I want to understand how other people work. How their lives flow on a day to day basis. I want to know what it’s like to live outside the universe that is my own mind. But I’d like to share my universe as well. My life has been a journey and these words are the first step on another.


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