Hello! And Thank You!

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write blogs like this, it feels maybe to self-aware or too self absorbed.

In any case, I’ll get right to it.

People are reading my blog.

I’m serious. This week I’ve gotten a lot more views and while I’m stoked about it, I have to admit having written so many posts that had heretofore gone unread, it is a bit startling and sudden.

(Did you read how I historically like to pretend I’m invisible? Not so conducive to blogging to be honest.)

I don’t know who it is but someone from Germany seems to have read every single post I’ve written.  That’s amazing!

And dedicated, I must say. I don’t think they’ve liked anything but I’m still not real good at reading stats yet. But as far as I can tell they remain anonymous.

I would like to say Hello! to my mysterious German reader and to all of my old and new readers, and thank you for being here!

I will try my best not to run away and hide! I promise!


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