Scammed – But wait it’s not over! 

I’m posting another conversation! I never thought I’d be the kind of person to post conversations online. Mostly because I don’t have many and why would they be of interest?

But here’s the deal. If you’ve read deep into the bowels of my early blog you’ll know that a lot of what I write is owing to the inspiration of Wentworth Miller.  He’s an advocate and activist for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention among other things and is a screenwriter in addition to acting.

That’s my favorite picture of him cuz he looks so damn happy!

Until recently he was very active on his Facebook page which was kind of like a little living room community for his fans and those who related to his mental health work. When his new Prison Break series started he took a hiatus and hasn’t come back much yet. I miss the community he created on his page and that’s partly why I’ve dug in so deep here on WordPress. I want my mental health community back.

So this morning someone claiming to be him messaged me on Facebook messenger. I was immediately skeptical because why the fuck would the actual Wentworth Miller want to talk to me?

Even though I was skeptical about his claims, I was curious as to what would motivate someone to do this and what could possibly be the end game.

I’m 99.99999 percent sure that this is an absolute scam. He seemed very full of himself, telling me I was lucky and that talking to him was a privilege. Those would be true if he were who he said he were but I feel like that’s not something he would say. His wording was a bit off at times too which was a red flag.

There was a long pause when I said 10 years younger than you. A pause that seemed just long enough to Google “how old is Wentworth Miller?”

I still couldn’t figure out what this person could possibly want with me. Wentworth Miller is a gay man so if there were a sexual motivation at play he certainly would have to show his hand at some point.

His apparent interest in my writing keeps nagging at me. Why would a scammer be interested in my writing?

I have no idea what the difference between Messenger and Google Hangouts is. Maybe this whole thing was an elaborate ruse by Google to make me switch apps.  But this person was very prickly about me asking for any sort of proof or verification. Biggest red flag. At the end, when I questioned him again, he stopped responding.

I posted this comment on his most recent Facebook post to give others a heads up. I’m not sure if it’ll do any good but he seemed quite anxious about me keeping quiet.

Which obviously I’m not doing.

Now here’s the thing. I said 99.99999% positive it was a scam. That means there’s a small fomo fuelled 0.00001% that thinks “What if.”

It would be just like me to actually be contacted by my hero / muse and offend them to death. My life has been full of what some would call bad luck and others dramatic irony.

But the chances of it being real are miniscule and I’m comforting myself with those odds.

In any case, it was fun to pretend to speak to him and it was an interesting exercise in trying to understand human motivation.

What do you think? Seriously, I’d like to know.


He wrote me back! 

I came back to my tablet and it said

“Rebecca, I did tell ya that I do want this a secret” 

It was creepy! 

The whole thing feels pretty creepy now to be honest. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having fun with him. Not yet. 

He was consistent with his phrasing. That was interesting. 

I asked about Germany because I thought maybe he’d seen my blog and I got paranoid for a minute. 

He really stuck with it all the way to the end. I have to respect his devotion. 

He’s back to ignoring me again. 

(Oh and W, if it was you, I’m sorry. R) UPDATE (Really, really sorry) 


5 thoughts on “Scammed – But wait it’s not over! 

  1. Hi, I´m a huge fan of WM too. I think it is a fake account, If he contacted privately a fan he would have had a specific reason and it´s obvious he would be inclined in providing immediate proof of his identity…but I don´t think he would do that (many complications!), he already said “thank you” publicly to all of his fans many times for our support, comments, etc… Probably this person wanted to earn your trust to get your personal details or something similar… thanks for posting this!


    • I wouldn’t be surprised that they are back at it again because Wentworth is posting again lately. Did they contact you? Wentworth is aware that this occurs and has stated that it will never be him (more or less) so it’s very much a confusing scam.


      • Alicia says:

        Yes they did contact me several times over a period of several days. I reported it to the FB police lol. Yesterday when looking through my messages all of “his ” side of the conversation was missing with a message that said message removed until this account can be verified. My side of the conversation was visible though. Today his avatar is back as well as his side of the conversation. On Wentworths latest post a couple people mentioned that they had been contacted by a person they thought was pretending to be him. I responded in kind. I see those comments were removed from the post though. The one who contacted me after a couple days did try to get money for the kids that he helps. I let him think I was going to send some and he gave me the person;s name and city to send a Western Union. He said he was having problems with his credit card and his manager was out of town lol


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