Musings on the job at hand – Logline

So I started a blog but then my computer froze and I kind of don’t feel like writing that one anymore. I’m not sure what I feel like writing now.

I have approximately 25 minutes left sitting here in this mcdonalds while my son plays and my husband is at his own therapy appointment.

I told myself I have to write everyday. But whether that be on the blog, in a journal I have yet to start, as free writes or actually on my screenplay is up to my mood that day.

Having written that, I’ve decided what it is I’m going to write.

The dreaded log line. Or one line. The one to two sentence summary that from what I read can kill your screenplay if it sucks and can get a producer pretty excited if it’s good enough.

I have started reading Save the Cat because it seems that trying to write a screenplay without reading that book is basically just giving up. The first chapter is all about the log line. The author basically says, if you can’t write your log line, then there is something wrong with your screenplay and you need to fix it.

I have several ideas as far as screenplays go but for right now, I’m starting on the big one. The first one. The one I was inspired to write when inspiration struck me for the first time in 5 years. It’s based on one year in my life. Not the worst or even the most eventful but the most literary or cinematic for sure.

I have written log lines already for the next screenplays I plan on writing. But I’m stuck on the current one. I have about 70% of it written and even pretty polished. There’s a chunk in the middle that I hadn’t finished fleshing out before I had to hiatus myself due to my mental and emotional incapacity that’s taken over my life the last two months.

So I’m trying to write my log line. But I’m having a hard time compressing the complicated themes and plot into two intriquing sentences. I’ve got some work to do. Maybe I should just keep writing and hope it’ll come to me. I’d rather not waste anymore time.




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