Today was a Day of Doing

Things have been done on this day.

Item One

Firstly, I officially unhiatus-ed myself from writing. You may recall (or not) that this was a thing I did back in about the beginning of March I think due to the withdrawals and hangover I was experiencing from my No Med Journey. The stress of expecting myself to write when for the most part I was physically, mentally and emotionally incapable was just too much. So I put the writing, planning and dwelling on my screenplay on hold.

It was only the other day I was thinking to myself, why aren’t I writing yet? I answered myself, Well, I’m still on hiatus, I’ll stop the hiatus when I start writing.

Obviously that makes no sense. So, today is the beginning anew of my quest to be a Writer, with a capital W.

Item Two

I have a solidifying plan for the change in living arrangements for my family this summer. We’re moving the fuck out and I’m 75% sure I have a plan to work on. PROGRESS!

Item Three

I talked to my therapist! I told him about my my new frenemy – Delusion which was very important. Need to keep him up to date with all my mental shenanigans. We talked about how I’m dealing with it, heavy doses of reality check mixed with quick hits of the object of delusion to keep me steady. It’s a balancing act.

Item Four

I wrote on my blog!

Item Five, still on the list still to be done…

Rogue One and popcorn with the family. And leftover birthday cake. Yum.




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